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Perpetual Swim Lessons

Dolphin Swim Academy is a perpetual based learn to swim program. When first registering with us we highly recommend a three month commitment to help build trust between instructor and swimmer and show skill progression. Lessons are 30 minutes long once weekly. You choose your day and time from classes that are available and continue to watch your swimmer build their skill set! As other activities or life comes up you can withdraw from lessons with a 30 day notice and resume at any point!

parent holding baby backfloating in pool
Three swimmers smiling on steps in a pool
swimmer smiling underwater
two swimmers smiling floating on a yellow mat in a pool

Dolphin Babies

To learn more about our

5 month to 24 month old swimmers click here!

Dolphin Pups

To learn more about our

2 to 3 year old swimmers click here!


To learn more about our

4 year olds and up swimmers click here!

Other Programs

To learn more about our

other programs click here!

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