Dolphin Pups

Dolphin Pups

Dolphin Pups is a 30 minute, once a week class for those independent swimmers ready to take on the world! 2 to 3 year olds will enjoy learning skill progression and water safety through fun and playful teaching.

Swimmers will be working on a variety of skills. While others are ready to go without assistance, some swimmers may requires a little additional support before they feel comfortable swimming a few feet independently.

Swimmers will work on the following and more:

-Learning how to wait their turn

-Learning to hold their breath

-Learning to submerge and push to their instructor from stairs or platform

-Floating on their front and back

-Rolling from their front to back and back to front to take a breath and keep moving

-Basic front crawl and back crawl

-Jumping in and returning to the wall

-How to climb out of the pool

-How to be safe, respect the water and learn to be confident swimmers