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Questions? We have answers.
Have a question that we have not answered? Drop us a line at, call us at 608-315-SWIM(7946), or visit us at 1500 Landmark Dr, Cottage Grove, WI 53527

What is perpetual enrollment?
​Perpetual enrollment is continuous enrollment. When you first enroll you will remain enrolled until you give us a 30 day notice to drop from enrollment.
Does my day and time change?
Not unless you request a transfer, your swimmer completes their level or you take a break.

What if we miss a class?
No worries, we can re-schedule up to one missed class a month or you can redeem the missed class as a family swim pass. We do prorate for days we are closed.

How do I give my 30 day notice? 
Please fill out the drop form at least 30 days from your child's last class.

When are evaluations done?
Evaluations are done continuously, however, we have bracelet week where all swimmers are evaluated every 10 to 12 weeks.

My swimmer is...
-Sad and tearful what can I do? We have several techniques we can take based off the needs of your swimmer. We will discuss which approach you feel is best.
-Brave and jumps all over what can I do? We work on setting safe boundaries and working on safe entering/exiting and waiting skills.
-Just turned two, what class should I choose? You have some options depending on the comfort of your swimmer. They can be in our Dolphin Babies class with a parent/caregiver or Dolphin Pups class without a parent/caregiver.

What other programs do you offer?
Family Swim, Lap Swim, Birthday Parties and a Summer Camp! For more information on specific program click here.

How do I register?
Follow this link to create your parent portal account.
Call us at 608-315-SWIM(7946).
Email us at

Do you offer a trial lesson?
No, we no longer offer a free trial lesson. Why? We fully believe a one time 30 minute exposure is not enough time for your swimmer to get the full swim experience. When signing up we highly recommend at least a 3 month commitment. Why? After having 10 to 12 classes we are able to show continued skill progression. We are offering new families a 30 day money back guarantee.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If your first 30 day experience has not been what you expected, please stop up to speak with our Customer Service Representative and we will work with you to find a solution that works for your family.

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