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Here you will find Calendar of Events, Evaluation Descriptions, Homework Tips and more! Make sure to check back as new information will be added monthly!


Calendar of Events

Parents check here for up coming events and for any planned dates in which Dolphin Swim Academy will be closed.

Swimmer Evaluations

Swimmers will be evaluated at the end of each month, and you will receive feedback about how your swimmer is doing at their next scheduled lesson. Your swimmer will receive one of the following after being evaluated:

1) A Level Up wristband** and level Completion Certificate




2) A Dolphin Swim Academy wristband and Achievement Certificate. 


**A swimmer will receive a Level Up wristband when they have met the requirements of that color wristband. Wristband definitions are found below.**

Skills Progression 1

Orange: Swimmers are comfortable coming to class and with lesson and have the following assisted skills front floats, back floats, submersions, jumps.

Lime Green: Swimmers are putting own face in the water, independently swimming (pushing off and going underwater to instructor), and the following unassisted skills front floats, back floats, jumps, front crawl arm motions.

Maroon: Swimmers have forward motion with front crawl. Working on clean arm and legs. Learning how to do roll over breathing or side breathing. Introduction to backstroke.

Skill Progression 2


SeaFoam Green: Swimmers are independently swimming the following skills: (At least half of the pool distance)

-Front crawl, breathing is assisted or independent. 

-Backstroke, forward movement with arms and kicking.

Purple: Swimmers are independently swimming the following skills: (The full length of the pool)

-Front crawl, arms and legs are more efficient, independent breathing (rolling over or side breathing).

-Backstroke, nice body position with arm and kick movement more efficient

-Introduced to a third stroke, either butterfly or breaststroke and have a concept of arm and leg movement for the stroke

Silver: Swimmers are independently swimming the following skills:

-Front crawl/Freestyle, proficient with side breathing, this should be easy and effortless.

-Backstroke, should be close to proficient with refining shoulder roll and advanced body positioning.

-Third stroke, should understand arm, leg and breathing timing.

-Introduce fourth stroke, should understand arm and leg movements. 

Stroke Refinement 

Blue, Green, Yellow Swirl: Swimmers should have proficient Freestyle and Backstroke as well as the following:

-Third stroke, arm, leg, breathing should be at 75% with correct timing and skill set.

-Fourth stroke, arm, leg, breathing should be at 50% with correct timing and skill set.

Teal and White Swirl: Swimmers should have the following skill set:

-Freestyle and Backstroke, at USA Swimming standards.

-Third stroke, should be at 90% to 100% with timing and efficiency.

-Fourth stroke, should be at 90% to 100% with timing and efficiency.

-Introduced to flip and open turns.

-Introduced to IM (Individual Medley) 

Black and Grey Swirl: Swimmers are ready to join a local recreational swim club. They have an understanding of the 4 main strokes with proficiency in swimming each of them. They also understand common swimming practices such as circle swimming, what 50s, 100s and so on mean, turns and other swim team etiquette. 

Homework Tips

Here you will find information on how to help your swimmer at any level succeed! 

Dolphin Babies-Tips

Yes you can even practice with your infant/toddler! With any water exposure, either pool or bath time, make sure it is a fun and enjoyable experience. This will help build water confidence and reduce any fear.


Click each topic to learn more!

Rain Shower Buckets

Social Development

Physical Development

Bath time

Dolphin Pups- Tips

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Hesitant vs Fearless swimmers

Building confidence

Putting face in the water

Blowing bubbles

Bath time

Dolphins- Tips

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Stroke Development at each level

Freestyle Drills

Backstroke Drills

Breaststroke Drills

Butterfly Drills


Useful websites

Your instructor will have swimmers work on drills in and out of the water to assist with any areas of trouble. Here are some great resources to watch videos of the strokes and different drills.

-Youtube Channel-- Go Swim

-USA Swimming--Click the link to help answer questions if your swimmer is interested in swimming competitively. www.usaswimming.org

-Wisconsin Swim Clubs-- Click here to find local swim clubs in Wisconsin.